The Three Kings of Evcadadeul are three brothers and descendants of The Eighth King himself. They are the rulers of Evca and the Evcadians. These brothers are known to possess powers over elements. The eldest, King Jeval can manipulate fire. The middle child, King Greve can manipulate Terra, and the youngest King Eteros can manipulate water. Greve and Eteros are twins and can generate each other's powers if they're close together.

The Battle of Evalia

During the Age of the Veis, the sons three of High King Evacadadeul VII were trained from the time of their fifth cycle of life to become the most valiant warriors. The eldest brother who possessed the ability to summon fire became so, but the younger brothers; twin brothers of Terra and Aqua did not possess the urge to fight. Being born of Fierment(The Evcadei word for Elementum Magic), the line of Evcadadeul was feared throughout all of Evca. No Evcadians have presented any type of power other than the members of the House of Evcadadeul. The eldest brother, Jeval was the Supreme High King Evca of that time. As Alexèleith and his fellow Elementals searched the world for Elementals, he went to the High City of Evalia. As he entered he noticed a division of peoples. The city was separated into four dominions. It reminded him of the ancient lands of Alnèvas where the Elementals originated. The Nierienlaandoran or known as the Crystallaands was considered to be the affluent part of the city where the wealthier Evalian residents resided. The Wierienlands or known as the Goldlands are where the businesses function. The Eierienlaands or known as the Bronzelands are where farming and merchants reside. And lastly, The Sierienlends or known as the Silverlands are the poorest area. The Sierienlands reminded Alexèleith of his early childhood in Heldeth Rigdon of Morbauk.