The Setaar is the star of the five worlds of the Argator. This star is what gives light to the worlds of Pergator, Nugator, Borgator, Elgator, and Belgator. Before the Setaar became a star of light, the Metaar was the star which gave light and life to the two worlds of the Argator. The Metaar was stolen by Doth Gunbain and used to drain the life force of the worlds of Belgator and Elgator. When the Argator formed the Setaar, it destroyed Belgator and Elgator as it created Pergator, Nugator, and Borgator. Even though it destroyed the two outer worlds, the Setaar took in those ruined worlds into its rotation. After the Argator destroyed the Metaar, he banished Doth Gunbain to the darkness forever. The Setaar is the home of the Argator.