Queen Mirasa of Isator was the leader of the Isatoraanland in the wierienmost part of the continent of Isa and the wierienlandoran Isar. She ruled from the Silver City of Iserion until the Age of the Veis when King Micol of Isamar appointed King of Isa by the Vei Deis of that realm. King Micol gave her governship over the wierienlands and took her staff of power. Mirasa is an eternal being and is to rule over the wierienlands of Isa for eternity. During the The Great Continental War in the Age of the Elemental, Mirasa fought alongside King Micol for darkness after King Isal changed sides to fight for light. After the death of King Micol and the defeat of the darkness, Isal was crowned High King of Isa by the Beings of Creation. As High King, Isal forgave Mirasa and they later bewed establishing the first Reign of Isa.