Mor the Being of Terra was one of the Beings of Creation. She came to the new world by means of the Spheres. She is the ruler of the continent of Mortwee. She had a city built into the Mountains of Mortessa behind the Falls of Jaysondar during the Age of Creation, this city became the High City of Mortwee named Morsgavor. She perished in the great fire of Mortwee at the feet of the Beast of Morsgavor. Mor bewed Tilia, a Mortwi being and they begat three sons MorasphusMorastu, and Morelion which made her the only one of the Beings of Creation to bear children. Mor died at the feet of Doth Guntor's Fieretartus that destroyed Morsgavor and all who resided there at the end of the Age of the Moon.