The Metaar was the first star created by the Ocator for the worlds of the Argator, the Surgator, and the Igator. When Ocator decided to move on to the Realm of Light, he gave leadership to the Argator and this sparked jealousy in the Surgator who desired leadership over all. The Metaar gave light and life to the worlds of Belgator and Elgator before it became governed by the Surgator under the guise of Doth Gunbain. Doth Gunbain took over the Metaar and used it to destroy the Igator and turn Elgator into a lifeless world of darkness. After the Argator fled to the Nelwaithe, Doth Gunbain used the Metaar's power over energy to drain the lifeforce of Belgator and finally engulfing the world into ruin. When the Argator created the Setaar, it's growth drained the energy from the Metaar leading to its collapse. Once the Setaar was fully formed the remnants of Metaar made up the outermost ring of the Realm of Argot, formerly the Nelwaithe. The ruined worlds of Belgator and Elgator were drawn into the Setaar's rotation and they became its dead worlds. The last of the living beings of Belgator were directed by the Argator to travel to the newly formed world of Borgator.