High King Leuthiwith of Morbauk is the younger brother of Alexèleith of Mortwee. He was thought to be born with no apparent Elemental powers. Leuthinwith was a Morbaukean blacksmith like his father. Leuthiwith resided in the Unders End township of Heldeth Rigdon until the Age of the Veis when his elder brother returned to take him away from that horror. During which the tyrannical High Lord of Morbauk, Alnesherak had walled off parts of the city to keep everyone segregated between classes. Leuthinwith was living in the most impoverish part of Heldeth Rigdon and saw how the power goes to the heads of weak minded kings and vowed to stop it one day. Leuthiwith helped his brother in his Quest of the Elementals to bring all beings with elemental magic and helped in the Seven Wars and the rescue of the two of The Three Kings of Evcadadeul from the eldest's regime. During that time, Leuthiwith gained power over the Terra elements. He was taught to control it by the youngest Elemental Quart leader who was also a Terra Elemental. Leuthiwith took part in The Great Continental War for light leading the Terra elementals. After his fight, he was named High King of Morbauk ny the Beings of Creation. He resides in the High City of Heldeth Rigdon and has established a fair rule therein.