King Micol of Isa(formorly King Micol of Isamar) is the High King of Isa. He was once the king of the midstlands of Isa, known as the Isamaraanland. He was appointed King of Isa by the Vei Deis during the Age of the Veis. After he gained powers over Isa, he made King Isal of Isavirien and Queen Mirasa of Isator governors over their lands and the Isar within them. During the Age of the Moon, King Micol sent troops of Isari to Nalda to steal and gather information on the Naldaan technology. He destroyed the Naldan domed cities of Hulana and Das Lunal that sat near the boarder of Isa. Most fear him because of his association with the Being of Darkness, Doth Guntor-who through Micol, rules over Isa.