Doth Gunbain(formorly the Surgator) was created by the Ocator as the educator of the beings of Belgator. The Surgator became corrupted by jealousy of the powers of rule over the Metaar given to the Argator by the Ocator. When he used his powers for evil and destroyed the Igator, the Surgator changed into a Being of Darkness and took the Metaar from the Argator and ruled over the two worlds of Belgator and Elgator by instilling fear in those who dwelt there. The Argator rallied against him by creating the Setaar and destroying the Metaar and the corrupt worlds of Belgator and Elgator. Doth Gunbain was banished by the Argator to the Realm of Darkness for eternity. Described by Elina of Nalda to have black web-like robes with red underneath and a large iron-like staff.