King Alexèleith of the Elementals is the governor over all beings that possess Elementum magic. He was the son of a Morbaukean blacksmith and elder brother of Leuthiwith of Morbauk. He wandered into the land of Alnèvas located in the continental land bridge between Morbauk and Mortwee. Having the ability to manipulate wind, he became an interest by the four rulers of Alnèvas. After the death of the elder wind Elemental he took his place and became king of the realm known as Autumland and worked with the realms of Springland and Winterland defeat the evil overtaking plot of the King of Summerland. When Alexèleith showed to possess power over all elements by harnessing the Aether element, he was deemed the Elementum Governor.

When he became of age, the four Metomor of Alnèvas told him he must follow in the prophecy of the Book of Elementhon and search the world for all Elementals and bring them to their home world. After Alexèleith took all living things from Alnèvas to search for the living Elementals, the Metomor released their final power and destroyed the land of the four seasons by flooding it and they returned to the heavens leaving all Elementals homeless for the time to pass.