The Age of the Elemental was established during the Quest of the Elementals after the Age of the Veis when Alexèleith and his fellow Elementals searched for their kind throughout the world of Borgator to bring them back to their home in Morsgavor after their land was destoryed by a flood. During this age all armies of Beings, Elementals, Veis, and Beings of Creation worked together to restore light to the eight lands of Borgator. The end of The Great Continental War took place during this time with the defeat of all darkness and evil. All the lands were united with a treaty by Aco the Being of Speach and signed by the leaders of all seven continents- Elina of Nalda, Gregoraan of Evca, Leuthiwith of Morbauk, Alexèleith of Mortwee, Isal of Isa, Kevil of Lendir, and Monormora of the Amoacaanlands.