The Age of the Beasts spanned one hundred and fifty cycles and was the age starting after the Great War of Borgator and the end of the Age of the Moon. During this time war was everywhere. Beasts of Doth Guntor and their armies were wreaking havoc on the continents except Isa. Isa was the continent in which the foul beasts dwelt and were welcome. King Micol of Isamar was the ruler of all that was evil and he took command of the beasts once Guntor disappeared. There seemed to be no hope until the Veis arrived in Borgator. Their powers led to the defeat of many dark armies of beasts. The established peace between many of the lands-all except Isa and Nalda. They helped with the Quest of the Elementals and resurrected all of the Beings of Creation who helped them fight for light in the Great Continental War of Borgator. The Age of the Beasts ended at the beginning of Age of the Veis.