The Age of Creation or The Beginning is the The Borgatorandule Age record of the formation of Borgator and the Falling of the Spheres and formation of the lands, oceans, and seas. This is the time when the Beings of Creation founded the continents of Nalda, Evca, Morbauk, Mortwee, Isa, Lendir, Amo, and Aca and taught the beings who inhabited the lands. This age continued for one-hundred-thousand Cycles and ended at Age of the Moon. Life only started in the last days of this age.

"In the beginning we all found each other. We knew who we were and our purpose but knew nothing before then. We were given knowledge of our tasks to perform. We were as young as the world but had visions of the past that we could not answer. Our lives were there for one purpose; to create a new world." -Isa the Being of Life to Alexèleith